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jetblue app

Preferred Airlines of Service Dog Teams and the personal favorite of K9 Wings.


TSA Cares

Information on how to go through security checkpoints with a service dog.

Animal Relief Areas at Airports

Pet Friendly Travel

IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) – Service Dog Committee

IACP is dedicated on educating others on the correct and legal use of a service dogs, and advocates on the various laws and regulations pertaining to handlers of service dogs, public businesses and the general public.

IACP is an internationally recognized dog training organization.

DOT ACAA (Department of Transportation-Air Carrier Access Act) Service Dog Regulations

ACAA SD laws long version-20030509

382short.pdf-all disabilities

ACAA SD regulation monthly update

DOJ ADA (Department of Justice-Americans with Disabilities Act) Service Dog Laws

ADA 7-2015 new SD definition

ADA 7-2015 new SD questions & answers

complete ADA laws titleIII_2010_regulations

DOJ service_animals_2010

DOJ-2- 28 CFR Part 36 new definition title lll

“Providing Minimum Protection” is re-defined in this document to clarify the incorrect interpretation of using an “aggressive”  trained protection dog as a service dog. This type of trained dog is not legal to use as a service dog.

International Travel with Service Dogs

United States Department of Agriculture

Each country has different regulations, laws, policies and requirements. A USDA certified veterinarian must be used to obtain legal certificates on health, vaccines and rabies titer tests and some cases other types of vaccinations, when and where it applies.

Always use official government websites and documents to obtain legal information on the use of a service dog. Never go by hearsay.

Mutt Muffs – Ear Protection for Dogs

Ellie has a pair and they are very helpful in load noise situations, and protects her hearing when flying.

YouTube Video

Photo Gallery

Penn Vet Working Dog Center

State of the art working, training and research center for working dogs in just about every category.

Nzymes – Amazing Supplements for Your Dog & You

All our dogs, cats and ourselves, take Nzymes products every day! We all take the “Bac Pac Plus”, “Sprouted Granules”, “Ox-E Drops”, and “Black Leaf Extract Tinture”. The staff are all super helpful and knowledgeable. After trying many different products for health problems in several of our pets and ourselves, I was amazed at how the Nzymes products helped clear up stubborn issues and brought back health and happiness in our beloved pets and ourselves.

Lead With Your Heart Dog Training

Service dog training and pet dog training and education, by owner/trainer Morgance Ellis certified service and pet dog trainer – “International Association of Canine Professionals”.(IACP) Pro #3782 CDT, CDTA, PDTI, CSDT. An internationally recognized dog training organization. Morgance serves on the service dog committee.


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