Ellie’s Travels

 Working With a Clients Dog “Cookie” – November 2015

Wherever Ellie and I travel we always enjoy working and connecting with local dog trainers and dog owners. Sharing with others is what makes the world a better place.

Morgance & Cookie – 2015

Ellie & I visiting the colonial town of Williamsburg, VA – November 2015

carriage horses-williamsburg-VA

Williamsburg is another great place to train and visit with your service dog. Learning about our country’s history by actually standing where events took place, puts a whole new level of meaning to how people existed in those times.

Ellie & I visiting the Manassas battlefields, VA, November 2015


Ellie working on her balance beam work

Ellie working on her balance beam exercises we learned from Dr. Cindy Otto DVM, with Penn Vet Working Dogs at Debby Kay’s “Diabetes Alert Dog Conference” November 2015.

Ellie & I visiting the Manassas battlefields, VA – November 2015

masnassas battlefields

Actually walking these historic battlefields and learning what took place in this time of our country is something not to be missed. I am so thankful for the people in this state for fighting to preserve this area for future generations.

Debby Kay’s “Diabetes Alert Dog Conference & Professional Dog Trainer’s Workshop in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, November 2015

Ellie & I-Nov 2015 Diabetes Alert Dog Training conference Harpers Ferry

Ellie and I have just returned from Debby Kay’s “Diabetes Alert Dog Conference & Professional Dog Trainer’s Workshop in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. We learned a great deal and was graced with professional speakers throughout. Some of the speakers; Dr. Dana Hardin, an endocrinologist, presented her ongoing work with DAD’s and the latest research. Dr. Cindy Otto DVM from Penn Vet Working Dogs presented her research in scent detective dogs, fitness for dogs and first-aid, along with other speakers from Penn Vet. A variety of different Service Dog trainers in the field of scent detection and service dog work. I presented on state and federal service dog laws, and ACAA (air carrier access act) service dog regulations.

Being a great dog trainer and service dog trainer requires that we stay updated and educated on the latest research in our fields, making connections, continuing to network and share with other professionals. The best teachers are those who continue to be learning students.

JetBlue (our favorite airlines) once again put out the red carpet treatment for Ellie and I.

Service Dog Training for Clients in Durango, Colorado – October 2015

Ellie in beautiful gold fall leaves – Colorado-2015

Ellie and I where in Durango, Colorado, October 2015 to train with service dog clients. We had a lot of fun and it was wonderful to be back in beautiful Colorado.  United Airlines was gracious and very helpful in their customer service. Ellie had her first experience walking on an open air jet way on the tarmac at the Durango, Colorado airport and she did fantastic! Teaching a forward command where your service dog walks in front of you is valuable in places where you have go walk single file.

Ellie & I Visiting the Marine Corps Museum in VA – April 2015

This is a great place to train service dogs. The dogs are exposed to many different sights, sounds and smells. And the handlers get to experience this amazing museum and memorial park and pay respect to the ones that have made and continue to keep our country free.

Ceremony for a retiring Sergeant.


The ships bell outside of the chapel. Marine Corp Museum – Quantico, VA

Ellie watching a video of the United States Marine Band. Marine Corps Museum, Quantico, VA











April 2015 – Psychiatric Service Dog Partner Annual Conference

& Our Visit to the DC Monuments


Ellie & I visiting the Lincoln monument – April 2015.

Ellie & I visiting the Lincoln monument – April 2015



After teaching and training at the PSDP conference Ellie and I visited the DC Monuments and several of the museums.

April is a beautiful time to visit the DC monuments. We met many people and got to see beautiful dedicated sites to important people in our history.






Lt. Maria Wood of ASTREA KSEE (Aerial Support to Regional Enforcement Agencies) Sept. 25-2014

San Diego 99’s Meeting


October 25th, 2014. Lt. Maria Wood from ASTREA KSEE came to speak with the 99’s San Diego Chapter about the agencies past, present and future.

The discussion was exceptional in detail and presentation. Maria addressed my questions about their regulations concerning rescuing and transporting service animals.  ASTREA (Aerial Support to Regional Enforcement Agencies)








"The Clipper Flying Cloud"

“The Clipper Flying Cloud”

September 2014 

TSA Disability/Multicultural Coalition Conference 


A visit to the Steven F. Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum


No trip to Washing DC is complete without a visit to the amazing Udvar Hazy Air and Space Museum. If you have a love of aircraft, this is a must for your “bucket list”.



While there, Ellie and I got to meet a young blind lady who is considering getting a guide dog. Ellie worked her magic as she lead her around and gave her a feel of what it would be like to have a guide dog in her life.

Ellie’s new friend.

Getting the feel of Ellie leading the way.


Building a well structured training practice that includes education on Service Dog laws, will pave your way to enjoyable travels with your Service Dog.

Ellie’s flight and designation places will be documented in an upcoming book so stay tune for blog posts that will be highlighting her travel experiences.




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