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Nov 12

Future of Flying with X-Ray Vision

The Future of Air Travel Read More: Full Article Commercial flying as we currently know it, will continue to take on new state of the art technology that will make flying safer and delays from weather conditions a thing of the past. Aircraft equipped with voice activation command response and touch screen applications used to control an aircraft will be …

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Nov 24

U.S. State Department Issues ‘Worldwide’ Travel Alert

People traveling by air, bus, train and car need to be extra careful during this holiday season. Keep contact information on you and your Service Dogs while traveling. Carry food and supplies in case of longer delays or unexpected emergency situations.

Nov 22

Ellie and I Love JetBlue! Do You Have a Favorite Airlines?

Our JetBlue Favorite Things List” They do not require you to purchase a ticket before being transferred to a “Special Assistant Coordinator” to secure a desired seat for you and your service dog, because…(see number 2) Any phone ticket agent can help book your flight and get your desired seats. You can book on the phone …

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Jan 16

World’s Safest Airlines for 2015

Airline Ratings 2015 list of the worlds safest airlines. . Take the time to do research on the airlines you want to use for your travel destinations before you book a flight. Check their safety records, on-time flights, customer reviews, lost baggage, FAA safety inspections and of course their Service Dog polices. It is important to support the airlines …

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