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Nov 10

Combat Veteran with PTSD Refused Air Travel With Service Dog by American Airlines

Read More: The full article: Service Dogs Listed on Boarding Passes: K9 Wings has been advocating that air carriers include disabled passengers service dogs who have been pre-approved to accompany them on board their aircraft, to be either listed on their boarding pass, or that the service dog have their own boarding pass. This should eliminate situations such as …

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Nov 24

U.S. State Department Issues ‘Worldwide’ Travel Alert

People traveling by air, bus, train and car need to be extra careful during this holiday season. Keep contact information on you and your Service Dogs while traveling. Carry food and supplies in case of longer delays or unexpected emergency situations.

Nov 22

Airports – Animal Relief Areas for Dogs

Be sure to locate all the “animal relief areas” at the airports you and your dog will be visiting during your air travels before you travel. I have included a website that is kept updated on the most current information. Animal Relief Area Options: Many airports do not have an “Animal Relief Area” inside the …

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Nov 22

Delta Airlines Bans Pets From Traveling as Checked Baggage

The days of checking both your suitcase and your pet are coming to an end. Delta Air Lines announced that effective March 1, the airline will no longer accept pets as checked baggage unless the passenger either requires a service or emotional support animal or is a military member with active transfer orders. After Delta’s …

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May 10

Ways to Communicate Your Special Needs to a TSA Officer

We are all unique individuals coming from a diverse multicultural society. We have different beliefs, concerns and ways of doing things. Many of us deal with disabilities both visible and invisible. TSA has been working with many organizations, companies and individuals through coalitions to learn how to improve their workforce to respectfully communicate and handle …

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Jan 12

TSA CARES Disability Notification Card

           TSA CARES has an online notification card that can be filled out, printed and handed to TSA officers by passengers with disabilities as a way to discreetly communicate their health conditions as they proceed through the security check points at airports. Establishing better ways to communication between disabled passengers and TSA officers is just another way “TSA Cares” is …

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