Nov 22

Delta Airlines Bans Pets From Traveling as Checked Baggage

The days of checking both your suitcase and your pet are coming to an end.

Delta Air Lines announced that effective March 1, the airline will no longer accept pets as checked baggage unless the passenger either requires a service or emotional support animal or is a military member with active transfer orders.

After Delta’s new pet policy goes into effect, American Airlines will be the sole U.S.-based airline to permit pets to fly as checked baggage, MarketWatch reported.

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Ellie-jetblue gate-boston-nov 2015

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As the airlines continue to add charges, passengers traveling with both Service Dogs and pets need to find out ahead of time the polices of the airlines they will be using for travel. Airline regulations can change without notice. Being prepared is your responsibility or you might find yourself left behind at the airport with your pet or Service Dog. .

May 10

New Exciting Additions Coming Soon to K9 Wings Seminars!

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New exciting additions will be added to our K9 Wings Service Dog Airport Training Seminars that will turn it into a 2 day event packed with even more important information, education and training for Service Dog Teams.

Stay tune………..

May 10

Ways to Communicate Your Special Needs to a TSA Officer

TSA logo imageWe are all unique individuals coming from a diverse multicultural society. We have different beliefs, concerns and ways of doing things. Many of us deal with disabilities both visible and invisible.

TSA has been working with many organizations, companies and individuals through coalitions to learn how to improve their workforce to respectfully communicate and handle passengers going through the security procedures at various airports across our country.

One of the ways TSA can help with understanding your special needs, is through a  program called “TSA CARES”. Passengers can get assistance through their entire travels or partial assistance, from a “TSA Support Specialist”. You can request one by calling their hotline 1-855-787-2227. You can also visit their website: A TSA officer will be assigned and meet you at the curbside of an airport and assist you in all areas of travel, including taking you personally through the security screening process to boarding, getting you into your assigned seat on the plane which you will be traveling.

TSA also has a “Notification Card” you can fill-in online and print out, that  describes your special needs. When you arrive at the security screening area, you can hand the card to a TSA officer. This allow you to communicate your needs discreetly.

One of the best ways to help TSA keep us safe during air travel is to communicate your special needs to them. Ask them to help you if you do not understand something or are unable to conform to a certain request. Remember they are there to help and keep us all safe of which I am very thankful.

TSA procedures will differ at airports so don’t be surprised or upset. It really is for our safety.

For information for passengers traveling with Disabilities and Medical Conditions:

TSA officers really appreciate to hear they are doing a great job. When Ellie and I fly we always thank them for keeping us safe during our travels.

May 10

Sweet Snoopers – New Online Diabetes Alert Dog Training Program

“Sweet Snoopers” is a new on-line training program developed by Debby Kay for people with Diabetic Alert Dogs and Dog Trainers. This program is a gold standard of education excellence to enhance the training in all levels of a professional Service Dog team, from beginning, intermediate, advanced and maintenance training in Diabetes Alert Dogs.

Debby Kay has over 50 years of extensive training that includes a long career of working for the CIA where she developed a program and trained scent dogs in the detection of explosive materials. After retiring, Debby focused her expertise on people with diabetes. Debby spends a lot of her time traveling to different countries where she is in high demand to teach and help implement her training programs.

Debby Kay and I introducing her new "Sweet Snoopers" on-line Diabetes Alert Dog training program.

Debby Kay and I introducing her new “Sweet Snoopers” on-line Diabetes Alert Dog training program. Photo property of Morgance Ellis

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May 10

Great Training Places for Service Dogs

Ellie investigating a German Shepherd at the Marine Corps Museum-VA. Photo property of Morgance Ellis.

Ellie investigating a German Shepherd at the Marine Corps Museum-VA. Photo property of Morgance Ellis.

On our recent trip to the east coast in April, Ellie and I visited the Marine Corps Museum in VA. It is an amazing, beautifully designed museum.  The layout is well lit and displayed with a wealth of historical information. It also had several area’s designed for teaching young children. There is information and artifacts that will be of interest for any history buff and people interested in learning about our countries United States Marine Corps.

The museum is well suited for training Service Dogs who have a good handle on public access behaviors already established. This means a dog that is beyond basic obedience and is still working on the tasks and work they will be performing for the handlers. There are many different floor surfaces, temperatures within the galleries, sights sounds, smells and lightening for your Service Dog to experience. There are also beautiful walking trails to enjoy where you will find many statues and plaques honoring our men, women, dogs and horses of the United States Marine Corps.

Should you visit the Marine Corps incredible museum, please show the highest of respect for this site that was established to honor our United States Marines who have served and those who are still serving our country.

If your Service Dog is not able to handle any part of this incredible museum and is not able to quickly regain its balance emotionally or physically, please show your respect and remove your dog from the building. It is very important that we always make positive associations everywhere we take our dogs and with the general public. Should you have to remove your dog from the museum, please keep working with your dog and come back another time to enjoy this beautiful site.

Ellie and I exploring a water craft. Photo property of Morgance Ellis.

Ellie and I exploring a water craft. Photo property of Morgance Ellis.

May 10

TSA LAX Roundtable – May 2015

TSA arm patchEllie and I participated in TSA’s Multicultural and Disabilities Department Roundtable discussions at LAX in May 2015. We shared our concerns and discussed ways to improve procedures for passengers going through the security screening process for air travel.

I am honored to be a part of the TSA coalition. I am always striving to find ways through education that will bring about better understanding, communication and respect for one another.

I have seen some amazing improvements in the TSA workforce over the years. New leadership and the input from organizations representing the worlds diverse cultures and people with disabilities, has been key in bringing about respectful new interactions.

I want to once again thank all of the 50,000 TSA officers who work with thousands of travelers every day. Their efforts often get little apprehension for a job many of us would find very difficult to do.

Ellie and I appreciate your efforts in keeping us safe during our travels via the many airlines that serve the public.

Jan 16

World’s Safest Airlines for 2015

John Travolta leads the unveiling of Qantas's retro 1970s livery in Seattle in November 2014

John Travolta leads the unveiling of Qantas’s retro 1970s livery in Seattle in November 2014

Airline Ratings 2015 list of the worlds safest airlines. .

Take the time to do research on the airlines you want to use for your travel destinations before you book a flight. Check their safety records, on-time flights, customer reviews, lost baggage, FAA safety inspections and of course their Service Dog polices.

It is important to support the airlines you feel are doing a great job in handling the safety of you and your Service Dog.

Jan 12

Emergency Preparedness

logo imageWhatever modes of transportation we choose to use when we travel with our Service Dog, we need to be prepared for the possibility of encountering an incident of being injured and/or faced with being involved in an emergency evacuation. A great way to be prepared is to gain knowledge and skills through becoming certified in “Pet CPR, First-Aid and Care”. Knowing these necessary procedures can help you save a life. PetTECH CPR, First-Aid and Care certifications is an outstanding company that has many qualified instructors to help you obtain the goal of being prepared. PetTECH stays current on the latest in pet cpr, first-aid and care procedures.

Morgance Ellis – PetTECH Instructor #1246

Jan 12

TSA CARES Disability Notification Card

TSA image light blue          

TSA CARES has an online notification card that can be filled out, printed and handed to TSA officers by passengers with disabilities as a way to discreetly communicate their health conditions as they proceed through the security check points at airports.

Establishing better ways to communication between disabled passengers and TSA officers is just another way “TSA Cares” is working towards achieving higher standards of respectability for everyone. Please thank our TSA officers for their continuing efforts and work to keep our skies safe.

Nov 11

Honoring Our Military Hero’s


K9 Wings would like to salute all the military personal who have served our country and fought alongside soldiers in other countries so they can also live in peace with a true leadership in justice for all. May we all take a few moments not just today, but each day to ring a bell of freedom as we stand in silence and fill our hearts with a deep breathe of gratitude for our military hero’s. Military Service Dogs have also played a big part in our armed services throughout the years working alongside their handlers in battle’s and giving their life’s. Medical Alert Service Dogs play a very important role in the life of combat veterans who struggle with their visible and invisible scars of battle once back in civilian life. These amazing Service Dogs give veterans a life of freedom they would normally not be able to obtain without them. Please join me in thanking those who have given their life’s and those who bare the physical and emotional scars of the trauma they had to endure to keep our country FREE.

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