Morgance & Ellie SD

Morgance is the sole owner and certified trainer of “Lead With Your Heart, LLC – Dog Training. Her company includes, Service Dog Training, Pet Dog Training, “K9 Wings Service Dog Airport Training Seminars.

Morgance holds a private pilots license and has always enjoyed flying. She loves learning about vintage aircraft and visiting aerospace museums.

She LOVES training service dogs and pet dogs and educating their owners. She focuses on finding just the perfect training methods and humane tools, along with teaching both the dog and the human how to understand, respect and communicate clearly. Learning how dog’s communicate through body language is both fun, rewarding and builds amazing relationships.

Morgance has years of experience and knowledge in dog training and service dog laws. She works with new service dog teams and ones already established of all ages and breeds to assist in training dogs to mitigate their owners medical disabilities. She educates handlers on service dog laws and how to maintain their dogs obedience training and task skills.

She helps the prospective handler not just decide whether a medical Service Dog lifestyle would benefit their life, but she gives honest facts and information to help owners prepare to enjoy a partnership with a life saving best friend.

Morgance advocates for the legitimate use of service dogs, specializes in service dog laws and gives presentations to businesses and service dog conferences.

She uses only legal government documents and websites to stay current on all service dog laws, ACAA DOT (air carrier access act, department of transportation)regulations, ADA DOJ (Americans with disability act, department of justice) laws, State Government laws and international laws. Morgance never uses hearsay, or her own personal opinions or those of others, and takes great pride in promoting legally correct, trustworthy and honest service dog information and resources.

Morgance knows that your most important investment in achieving a successful working relationship with your service dog, is the time and practice you both put into developing and maintaining your skills and knowledge. There is no question that continuing to improve and enhance your skills throughout the working career of your service dog, will have a positive impact on your life together.

Morgance service dog “Ellie” was adopted at 7 months and bares a scar around her muzzle from a previous life of abuse. Ellie is a testament that some rescue dogs can make incredible working dogs. Ellie mitigates disabilities for Morgance and is also her dog training assistant.

Our Mission, Our Goals, and What We Stand For

Lead With Your Heart Dog Training founded in 2005, was established to develop, promote and offer the highest standards of professional education, training and business practice in the dog training industry.

LWYHDT advocates and supports all valid service dog guidelines of accepted use, training techniques and education. We understand that service dog handlers, dog trainers, public businesses, private entities, and the general public, all have rights and their interests and needs are equal in importance.

We focus on tangible ways to communicate that tap into the heart of how norms can change at a deeper level, to help address and ultimately contribute to fostering new changes for today’s current needs.

LWYHDT plays a vital role in the service dog community by guiding, training, testing and educating on laws, regulations, policies and respectful protocols that strictly follows the legal government definitions and requirements.

A service dog’s proven value is no longer just limited to guiding the blind. They assist with medical treatments both visible and invisible for people with diabetes, PTSD, autism, physical mobility, deafness, brain trauma injury, life threatening food allergies, and seizure response, just to name a few.

With any business, there are the unscrupulous that prey on the innocent, with the service dog and pet dog industry of trainers and suppliers certainly being no exception.

LWYHDT stands strong in their position to find productive and effective ways of making appropriate changes that will curb the increasing abuse in the dog training industry and the counterfeit use of service dogs known as fraudulent misrepresentation.

We encourage worldwide participation and interest to help us continue the worlds evolving understanding of the amazing work legitimately trained service dogs perform in making life changing differences for people with disabilities.

Certifications, Memberships, & Insurance:

  • Professional certified service dog and pet dog trainer & professional member, “International Association of Canine Professionals” (IACP) pro#3782, CDT, CDTA, PDTI, CSDT
  • Service dog committee member – “international Association of Canine Professionals” (IACP)
  • American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certified evaluator #84751
  • PetTECH cpr, first-aid & care certified instructor #1246
  • Insured: “Business Insurers of the Carolinas”
  • Certified Private Pilot
  • BOD – Psychiatric Service Dog Partners (PSDP)
  • BOD – Diabetes Alert Dog Alliance (DADA)

Achievements & Volunteer Work:

  • Training achievement – “The Engaged Dog” by Brenda Aloff.
  • Training achievement – “Super Sniffer” diabetes alert dog training workshop by Debby Kay.
  • Training achievement – “Sweet Snooper” diabetes alert dog training online course by Debby Kay
  • Volunteer – Transportation Security Administration Disability (TSA) and Multicultural Coalition.
  • Volunteer – Emergency response team of “The United States Humane Society”
  • Volunteer – Emergency response team of “Red Rover Response” Caring for Animals in Crisis
  • just to name a few…



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Service Dog & Pet Dog Training  Lead With Your Heart Dog Training

Morgance Ellis: Certified service dog and pet dog trainer IACP Pro #3782 CDT, CDTA, PDTI, CSDT

Service Dog Law Presentations:
Morgance gives presentations to businesses, medical facilities and schools on Service Dog Laws & Rights.

For more information on all aspects of a “Service Dog Lifestyle” please visit my website: Lead With Your Heart Dog Training



Morgance & Ken Peppard September 2014


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  1. Heidi Winer

    Hi. Morgance (and Ellis)!

    I met you on the flight from San Diego to Boston last week – I’m touching base with you because meeting you changed my life in a positive way and I wanted to let you know…I would love to stay in touch with you because I know that sometime in the future I will want to use your services. I really need a service dog in many ways, but I am not able to get one right now…so, I’ll just have to wait!

    Please keep in touch!

    All the best,

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