Nov 16

Which TSA Will Travelers Get This Holiday Season?

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Thanksgiving air travel is once again going to be the heaviest traveled time of the year, with increased numbers from 2015.

TSA has worked hard to fix past delay issues of passengers going through security checkpoints and are prepared to get passengers quickly and efficiently to their departure gates on time.

How You As A Passenger Can Help:

The better prepared you are as a passenger, the quicker you and everyone else will get through the checkpoints. For more information on what to expect and the TSA requirements to make getting through the security checkpoints in a smooth transition, visit the TSA website: https://www.tsa.gov/

Remember TSA is there to make sure your travels will be safe. So give a smile and a word of thanks during your holiday travels to a TSA officer, they will appreciate your kind gesture for doing a such a highly stressful job.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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