Nov 22

Ellie and I Love JetBlue! Do You Have a Favorite Airlines?

JetBlue plane tailsOur JetBlue Favorite Things List”

  1. They do not require you to purchase a ticket before being transferred to a “Special Assistant Coordinator” to secure a desired seat for you and your service dog, because…(see number 2)
  2. Any phone ticket agent can help book your flight and get your desired seats.
  3. You can book on the phone without paying a phone service fee.
  4. They wave the upgrade fee for a bulkhead seat.
  5. They list your service dog on all boarding passes and flight manifests.
  6. Gate agents love for you to check-in with them before boarding and will make sure your dog is listed on your boarding pass(s) and on the flight manifests.
  7. They honor your request to pre-board.
  8. They greet you by name and acknowledge your service dog.
  9. Flight crew makes sure your service dog is provided with in-flight comforts.
  10. Will help you get to your connecting flight should there be delays.
  11. They know DOT ACAA Service Dog regulations and will stand-up for the rights of you and your service dog.

Let us hear about your favorite airlines.

For information on JetBlue: http://www.jetblue.com/#/

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