Nov 22

Delta Airlines Bans Pets From Traveling as Checked Baggage

The days of checking both your suitcase and your pet are coming to an end.

Delta Air Lines announced that effective March 1, the airline will no longer accept pets as checked baggage unless the passenger either requires a service or emotional support animal or is a military member with active transfer orders.

After Delta’s new pet policy goes into effect, American Airlines will be the sole U.S.-based airline to permit pets to fly as checked baggage, MarketWatch reported.

For the full article: http://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/delta-bans-pets-from-traveling-as-checked-baggage/ar-BBnbCi6?li=BBnbklE

Ellie-jetblue gate-boston-nov 2015

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As the airlines continue to add charges, passengers traveling with both Service Dogs and pets need to find out ahead of time the polices of the airlines they will be using for travel. Airline regulations can change without notice. Being prepared is your responsibility or you might find yourself left behind at the airport with your pet or Service Dog. .

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