May 10

TSA LAX Roundtable – May 2015

TSA arm patchEllie and I participated in TSA’s Multicultural and Disabilities Department Roundtable discussions at LAX in May 2015. We shared our concerns and discussed ways to improve procedures for passengers going through the security screening process for air travel.

I am honored to be a part of the TSA coalition. I am always striving to find ways through education that will bring about better understanding, communication and respect for one another.

I have seen some amazing improvements in the TSA workforce over the years. New leadership and the input from organizations representing the worlds diverse cultures and people with disabilities, has been key in bringing about respectful new interactions.

I want to once again thank all of the 50,000 TSA officers who work with thousands of travelers every day. Their efforts often get little apprehension for a job many of us would find very difficult to do.

Ellie and I appreciate your efforts in keeping us safe during our travels via the many airlines that serve the public.

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