May 10

Sweet Snoopers – New Online Diabetes Alert Dog Training Program

“Sweet Snoopers” is a new on-line training program developed by Debby Kay for people with Diabetic Alert Dogs and Dog Trainers. This program is a gold standard of education excellence to enhance the training in all levels of a professional Service Dog team, from beginning, intermediate, advanced and maintenance training in Diabetes Alert Dogs.

Debby Kay has over 50 years of extensive training that includes a long career of working for the CIA where she developed a program and trained scent dogs in the detection of explosive materials. After retiring, Debby focused her expertise on people with diabetes. Debby spends a lot of her time traveling to different countries where she is in high demand to teach and help implement her training programs.

Debby Kay and I introducing her new "Sweet Snoopers" on-line Diabetes Alert Dog training program.

Debby Kay and I introducing her new “Sweet Snoopers” on-line Diabetes Alert Dog training program. Photo property of Morgance Ellis

For more information: www.debbykay.com

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