Nov 08

TSA Security Screening for Diabetic Passengers Traveling with a Service Dog

diabetes SD patch

In support/recognition of Diabetes Awareness Month the Transportation Security Administration Disability Branch has developed a “What to Expect” document they would like to share. The document provides general information about “What to Expect” in the screening process and also includes sections on “What to Know” and “What to Remember”. The intent of the document is to help travelers make better informed decisions.


Fear of flying has a lot to do with the unknown factors in the various aspects of air travel. Alleviating these fears can be accomplished by educating ourselves to the best of our ability before we embark on our travels. Air travel does not have to be overwhelming if we understand, know what to expect and how to handle the necessary security procedures. The TSA “What to Expect” document gives information that will help make all our air travels experiences more efficient, secure and pleasant.


Downloadable PDF File “What to Expect”:

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