Nov 11

Honoring Our Military Hero’s


K9 Wings would like to salute all the military personal who have served our country and fought alongside soldiers in other countries so they can also live in peace with a true leadership in justice for all. May we all take a few moments not just today, but each day to ring a bell of freedom as we stand in silence and fill our hearts with a deep breathe of gratitude for our military hero’s. Military Service Dogs have also played a big part in our armed services throughout the years working alongside their handlers in battle’s and giving their life’s. Medical Alert Service Dogs play a very important role in the life of combat veterans who struggle with their visible and invisible scars of battle once back in civilian life. These amazing Service Dogs give veterans a life of freedom they would normally not be able to obtain without them. Please join me in thanking those who have given their life’s and those who bare the physical and emotional scars of the trauma they had to endure to keep our country FREE.

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