Oct 29

Do Your Part for Safe Air Travel by Being Prepared

VM & Ollie-2Maintaining security and safety that continues to plague the air travel industry is a challenge faced by all personnel in this field and the people who use it. Though flying can still be a fun adventure, it is no longer the carefree experience we once remembered before 9/11. Now we are faced with being inspected, questioned and screened like a possible suspect. Often times we find these procedures to be personally invasive and inconvenient.  Looking at it from a different perspective of what we would have if these procedures were not in place at airports around the world can give us a better understanding, viewpoint and respect of the ones whose job it is to enforce them. Often times higher levels of security procedures are put in place because of the occurrence of tragic events.  Sometimes a procedure will not make any sense to a traveling passenger, but there is usually good reasons for its existence.

Imagine for a moment that you are a TSA agent that must deal with thousands of people throughout their work day. All of those people are different and unique in race, religion, sex, age, personality and temperament. The job of a TSA agent is to maintain, prevent and catch anything that will jeopardize the traveling public’s security and safety. Keeping our skies safe and secure from the treats our country faces daily is not just the responsibility of air travel personal alone, we must also do our part as well.

How can we as the passenger traveling with a Service Dog help make the security screening process move smoothly and efficiency? Acquired skills gained through training give us the knowledge and experience we need to help turn our travel adventures into safe, pleasant experiences. This also helps security personal achieve their goals of keeping us safe at all stages of traveling the blue skies.  The most important key is to be prepared before, during and after your air travels.

There are GREAT opportunities for training and refining your Service Dogs skills and yours at each airport you use during your travels.  Think of it as an adventure of fun and learning that will keep your dog’s attitude for work one of positive willingness and excitement.

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