K9 Wings Service Dog Airport Training & Education Seminars

Security, Safety and Efficiency in Air Travel

Morgance Ellis – IACP Pro #3782 CDT, CDTA, PDTI, CSDT, Certified Service Dog & Pet Dog Trainer


What the Training Involves

How Long is the Training?

The training is approximately 6 hours long. The scheduled outline of this seminar is subject to change based on the needs, availability, and security priorities of TSA, airport and airlines involved.

The Expected Outcome

The outcome of this training is a service dog handler that moves safely and efficiently through the air travel process.  The training provides knowledge and tools that increases collaboration between the handler and airline/security personnel, and facilitates the overall experience with fellow travelers.  The result is a benefit for everyone as service dogs and their handlers move seamlessly and safely through the busy air travel system.

Follow-up support will be available to seminar graduates who have questions at any time in the future. Seminar graduates are encouraged to provide feedback on any ways to improve our seminars to enhance their future travel experiences.

Overview of K9 Wings Service Dog Airport Training Seminar Content

The seminar will begin with an outline agenda of the day’s events and an overview of the rules of conduct and safety in the airport environment.

JetBlue Airways

Presentations & Training Includes:

  • How to prepare for airline travel with your Service Dog, before, during and after a flight.
  • The legal rights of air carriers and yours.
  • How to handle delays at the airport and while onboard an aircraft that include handling your dog’s bathroom needs.
  • Proper Service Dog & handler etiquette and training.
  • How to handle emergency situations at the airport and on board during a flight. Using an oxygen mask and inflatable slide on an aircraft in the event of an emergency.
  • Pet CPR, first-aid and care.
  • Overcoming your fear of flying.
  • The best way to make airline travel reservations for you and your Service Dog.
  • How to determine floor space for large service dogs.
  • What TSA would like you to know about traveling with your Service Dog.
  • New ACAA requirements for Service Dogs, ESA’s and pet dogs.
  • International air travel requirements for Service Dogs
  • Service Dog laws under the Air Carriers Transportation Act, its history and how it relates to the ADA Federal and State Service Dog laws.
  • and more…

Physical Site Visits to Include:

Outside and inside (where available) animal relief areas.

Commuter Bus Tour:

SD Teams will board and ride an airport commuter bus for a tour around the outside of the airport to gain an understanding of the geographic layout and to experience the feel, sights, smells, and sounds of the hustle and bustle of an airport’s landside operations.

Denver International Airport moving walkway

People Movers and Trams inside Airports:

When available SD Teams will be riding and experiencing the various modes of transportation within the airport.

Baggage Claim Area Familiarization:

Service Dog Teams will experience the baggage carousels; alarms ringing to announce the arrival of bags that will soon be dropping onto the moving metal conveyors; and have people moving in and out to retrieve their bags. There will be a discussion of strategies for retrieving your bags from a crowded carousel.

TSA Security Checkpoint Processing:

SD Teams will have the unique opportunity to learn, train, and familiarize themselves with the required TSA safety procedures for disabled passengers traveling with a Service Dog. SD Teams will interact directly with the TSA agents to develop an understanding of how the SD Team can move safely and efficiently through the screening process.

Note: Official gate passes will be given to each Service Dog Team to enable access to the security checkpoint. The gate pass will be presented to the TSA security document officer before entering the TSA security checkpoint. Handlers also will need to show their driver’s license or other form of state photo I.D. K9 Wings also will provide ID badges for each attendee to be worn on an attached lanyard throughout the seminar.

Boarding an Airplane:

SD teams will be welcomed onboard an aircraft at the gate where airline, airport, and TSA officials will present helpful information on air travel with Service Dogs. These professionals will be available to answer your questions.

Who Can Attend and Benefit From These Seminars?

This program is designed for Service Dogs, ESA’s (emotional Support Animals) and pet dogs traveling with their owners. Both owners and their dog(s) will benefit from learning how to securely, safely and efficiently use air travel services. For information on Requirements to attend this seminar see “K9 Wings Seminars”

Phone Consultations & Presentation Speaker

Morgance is available to help educate you on service dog; laws, regulations, polices, obedience training, task training, USA and international travel, for the service dog handers, and businesses no matter where your live or where you travel.

Morgance Ellis – IACP Pro #3782 CDT, CDTA, PDTI, CSDT, Certified Service Dog & Pet Dog Trainer

International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) Service Dog Committee Member

*All photos on this website are the copyright protected and are the property of Morgance Ellis


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